Something Fishy

220px-Charles_Napier_Hemy_-_The_Fisherman_1888Here is a retelling of a story that I read once about a small-scale fisherman who dreamed of becoming wealthy: The man told his family that if he worked hard, saved, and they were patient, all of their dreams would come true. He started out with one small boat. Each day he would head out to sea, cast in his net and hope for the best. Through years of sacrifice, the best did occur and he slowly added one boat after another to his fleet until one day, he became very wealthy and very busy. He was so successful, though, that all of his time was taken up in doing business. His family had everything – except for time with the father, that is. Between managing his business and his boats, the wealthy fisherman dreamed of a simple life where all he had was one little boat and where life was simple. Ah, the irony.

Lest you think that that this story is a reference to my mini-business, let me assure you that IT ISN’T! I do want to share an ironic story, though, about what is happening with my goat milk lotion at some of the Fruitbasket Flowerland stores. It seems that someone is stealing them. I love that they are popular, but I hate that someone finds them worthy of theft. The bummer part is that the lotion will now have to be kept at the register and customers must ask for it, or the alternative is that the product could no longer be carried. (Imagine a giant scowly face here.)  Any suggestions?


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