Our customers are the best! Take their word(s) for it – here’s a few comments posted to our Facebook page about our products:

Just a quick note. The salve we purchased has been amazing. The baby immediately calms down and stops scratching as soon as we put it on. She actually lifts her arms and legs to have it applied. We are stopping at Gerber gift shop today to buy a couple more tubes to have on hand. Thank you again so much and all the best. Please don’t stop making it!!! – Fred

I got my Herbal Salve at Kingma’s on Plainfield Ave. in Grand Rapids. Thank you so much — it’s the BEST STUFF EVER. I must stock up for dry skin over the winter. Thank you again for making such wonders… and my mom and I are looking forward to the new product you mentioned — a face cream?

Love the soap I bought this morning! So refreshing, and smoothing. The MINT is perfect as both my husband and I can use it.

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