Our Products

This is the new soap "shop" here at our home in Sparta. A big "thank you!" to my husband for his impressive skills with the drill and level.

Some shelves with our products here at the Apple Country Soapworks home-based shop

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Do you love driving along a country road and stumbling upon a great little shop selling something that you instantly want? Yep, me, too.  While we are not Amish, the house with the goat milk soap sign might give that impression. All products are made, stored and shipped from here, regardless of whether you visit our home location, purchase directly from a retail location, or order online.  No scary factory and no faceless workers in Apple Country.

Should you have any questions or a particular skin need – (and who doesn’t?) – we’ll do our best to advise you.

                                                                                    Please call Jayne at (616) 887.8137.