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Welcome to the Soap Shop! Our soaps appear below, in no specific order.

You should notice immediately that our soaps are different from the factory-made bars; they will still lather and clean, but they will have a buttery-feel, almost “melting” in your hands.* Please note, though, that our soap doesn’t really melt. If you’re new to handmade soaps, this will be a real treat!

As you are browsing our selection of goat milk soaps, you will see that the prices are pretty much consistent from bar-to-bar. Sometimes, though, we make a bar containing an expecially expensive essential oil or extra work is required to create it, as is the case with our cupcake soaps. Add to that the details of entering each size, shape, and variation between soaps to a website, and the enormity of it becomes evident. The best solution was to make a small increase in price on a very limited number of soaps. For all of these reasons, we strive for HONESTY in our descriptions, pricing, packaging, and dealings with our customers.

*Our soaps won’t truly melt because NO artificial hardeners have been added. Men and kids please note: Please don’t leave in a water-filled soap dish!

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