Do you ever feel like this while shopping on Alpine Avenue or 28th St?

Approaching Winter Solstice 2016

Believe it or not, winter has yet to begin, at least according to the astronomical calendar. The winter solstice, also known as the day when the sun stands still because we experience the fewest number of daylite hours, occurs Wednesday, December 21, at 4:44 a.m.  If you’re like me, though, your skin isn’t confused about […]

Pretty feet are possible.

One Heel Of a Product

Most of us love to slip into a pair of cool sandals or flip flops once the weather turns nice. If you have unsightly heels, though, you might not be so gung-ho to show off those deep cracks. There are some medical conditions that can cause heel fissures – namely, underactive thyroid or certain types […]

Just showing off this fall's favorite soap, Falling Leaves

Making a Link to The Past

It is doubtful that your grandmother ever made soap. Same for your great grandmother, or even her mother. It’s been generations since most Americans stockpiled their wood ash and filtered it through hay to get a lye/water mixture, combined it with rendered lard or other kitchen grease, then spent approximately 4 hours hand-stirring it…only to […]


Something Fishy

Here is a retelling of a story that I read once about a small-scale fisherman who dreamed of becoming wealthy: The man told his family that if he worked hard, saved, and they were patient, all of their dreams would come true. He started out with one small boat. Each day he would head out […]


Nothing to Foam at The Mouth About

Are you one of those people who reads labels? I am, too. If you have a moment this morning or tonight, check your shampoo or soap package. Even if you’ve paid big money for your product, you might see the name sodium laureth sulfate (sls) high on the list. Sometimes it is labeled as sodium […]


Always Pretty in Purple

If you’re a fan of the rural Midwest, with its infinite crop fields, lonely stretches dotted by old, white farmhouses situated too-close to the road, expanses of woods posted with NO TRESPASSING signs, and pick-up trucks galore, then there is one sight well-known to your eyes: the lovely lilac shrub in bloom. An established, blooming […]


Supporting Helen Devos Childrens’ Hospital

On Wednesday, May 6, there will be a Spring Market Sale at Butterworth Hospital, presented by the Jr. Golden Rule Guild. I’ll be there, selling my Apple Country  Soapworks items. Fifteen percent of my sales will be donated directly to Helen Devos Childrens’ Hospital, a place where my son spent 2 months just after he was […]


Laura Ingalls Wilder and Lemon Soap

Early in December, I ordered PIONEER GIRL, the posthumously-published autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder. It was to be a Christmas gift for my mom, although I admit to having more of an interest (just possibly!) in the author’s life than does my mom. To be honest, she has not mentioned any books of the series […]

Christmas 2014-16

Have You Had Your Forest Bath Today?

Greetings from Apple Country. It’s shaping-up to be a decent winter with cold temperatures and some snow, giving kids plenty of reason to get out of the house and onto the sleds, building snowmen, and having snowball fights.  We adults  often  find seemingly-valid reasons to stay indoors for our exercise – chiefly,  exercise equipment that cost […]