Answer the Call of the Open Road in Style with Harvest Hosts

Those of you who know our family are aware that we homeschool; while a few folks have made comments here and there, most are tolerant of lifestyles that are not exactly like theirs…(and aren’t we lucky to live in a country that gives us that freedom?). That being said, last fall I took the last of our goats to a Greenville-area horse farm to buddy-up with a lonely horse that was being bullied by the other horses. I was unable to keep-up with the demands of schooling, housecleaning, goat maintenance, soap and lotion-making, selling at area markets, selling at shows, and teaching soap-making classes at Kent District Library, plus grocery shopping. Something had to give, and it was our girls – the goats, that is. We decided that our chest freezer was loaded with enough goat milk to make our products for a good, long while. I mention this because some of our customers have inquired about the goats, especially those that come from out-0f-state. Let me explain: ┬áMany of us don’t own RVs or campers, but there are a good handful of folks who do, as evidenced by the number you see cruising down the US 131 or parked at local campgrounds. Some are incredibly humble little conveyances all covered in algae and bumper stickers, while others are 35 feet of rolling luxury. In the last 2 summers, we’ve gotten up close and personal with many RVers through a program called Harvest Hosts. In exchange for staying at our farmette, RV owners who are members of the program come shop at our little store. I must say that it was initially strange to have someone camped outside of my window, but it’s become more of a fun way to meet people from all over the country. I am hoping that we might have a bit more time next summer to get a few good goats back onsite to allow our visitors to get the whole experience. ┬áThe following link will take you to the site to become a member, if you’re so inclined: https://harvesthosts.com/ To take a look to see what our very first Harvest Hosts members had to say last summer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXuFS8kUJ4c&feature=youtu.be


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