Find the Farm

 So, you want to come see what we’re all about? Well, we can’t wait to meet you.

If a trip to the “soap shop” is just the sort of thing that sets your world on fire, you’re certainly welcome to come and sample; however, we do not keep regular, set hours here. In general, we’re home a lot.

If it is daytime, and our window sign shows “Closed”, although it is the middle of the day, and it is Monday-Saturday,  it is probably that we simply forgot to turn it to “Open”. Feel free to knock at our front door. Please use your judgment, though, and do not start banging if no one comes to the door instantly.

Please note,  if you are not local, and would like to ensure that your trip isn’t for naught, just call us at (616) 887-8137 beforehand.

Further, please understand that our “farm” is not a real working farm; that is, there are tractors and fields with crops growing, but do not expect to see a big operation and any farmhands hefting bales of hay.  That would be my husband. Just look for the old barn – the original one on the road, along with our house- and turn-in at the top of the hill. Knock on our front door. It’s as easy as that.

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