Who We Are

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Our first goat kid, born in 2010. The other is our real “kid”, born in 2006. Goats only produce milk after giving birth, so you can imagine how much we appreciate all of our kids!

The teeny tiny family of Apple Country Soapworks is simply John, Jayne, and Curtis Kozal – Michiganders that loves the outdoors for hiking, cross-country skiing, cutting wood*, and travel – especially in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula for camping at any and all times of the year. While we enjoy being in nature for fun, the reality is that we’re outside working more than anything else. We shovel snow, work in the garden, throw wood in our furnace during the worst of snowstorms, and, of course, there is always housework. Our skin takes a beating… but we hope that it doesn’t show!

That being said, we also tend to experience flaky skin, from the drying, cold winds that are just a part of living here in the north. We saw the need to make our own skin care products following our son’s diagnosis of eczema and viral-induced asthma; we were discouraged from using traditional soap, in favor of an overpriced, liquid cleansing product to protect his skin. Despite his allergies, we knew that our son would do best playing and growing in the outdoors , and that meant getting dirty. The expensive “soap” did not remove the dirt, and it certainly wasn’t improving his skin condition.

It was time to put our brains to work… which resulted in the creation of gentle soap bars loaded with the richness of goat milk that remove the dirt of the day; goat milk lotion that provides a lightly-scented barrier from the elements; and an herbal salve rich with 15 herbals for dry eczema spots, cracked fingers and lips, burns, and those inevitable scraped knees and elbows that real life brings.

*We don’t really love cutting wood! 

Fun and healthy? Yes, but hard on the skin, especially face, lips, and cuticles!

Fun and healthy activity? Yes, but drying to the skin!

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